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June 1st, 2009

CareerZgraph launches it website to reach out to its Clients, Customers and Well-wishers. Please give your valuable feedback on our services by visiting our Reach-us page. Thank you!

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Our Services

Our service gives you the flexibility in choosing the number of candidates needed, the skills required and the option to scale-up or scale-down your requirement quickly in cost- effective ways.

Our experienced recruiters ensure optimal utilization of your valuable time and resources by ensuring that you find the right people. We thus confidently assure retention your human resources. Considering the number of hours that is normally invested in recruiting a resource for your team, we help you in saving precious time.

CareerZgraph looks for specialized skill areas and professional hires to match with our client’s level of criteria. Our consultants come with their domain expertise and have access to a vast network of professionals from IT, Software Engineers, Software Sales & Marketing, and Director Engineering & Product Engineering Manager level positions.

Add on Services

Background Verification

The challenge for agencies scrutinizing new recruits has become increasingly difficult as many hires have encompassed experience and education from around the world. Verifying the information provided on one’s resume and ensuring that there are no criminal records associated is a necessity, keeping in view today’s increase in the number of cyber-crimes. We make sure that the candidate you recruit through CareerZgraph is thoroughly verified.

Academic Verification

It is of utmost importance that the candidate’s highest level of education is thoroughly verified before recruitment. Details including the institutions, dates, major areas of study, degress earned and transcript information are cross-verified by our team well in advance. Insight into one’s extracurricular activities and credits also furnish added insight into an applicant's character.

Employment Verification

Information regarding the previous employer’s knowledge of applicant during the period of employment specified in the application is obtained and verified. This information obtained is pretty comprehensive and includes:

» Dates of Employment
» Character
» Title
» Salary
» Performance

Reference Verification

This report is important for affirming an applicant's claims of dependability, integrity and character through contact with professional or personal references. We make dedicated efforts up to three consecutive attempts to find and verify the information you need.