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June 1st, 2009

CareerZgraph launches it website to reach out to its Clients, Customers and Well-wishers. Please give your valuable feedback on our services by visiting our Reach-us page. Thank you!

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How we do?

Recruitment Process Cycle

Analysis of Positions and Requirements:

CareerZgraph evaluates the prerequisites of the client and checks if the individual’s skill set matches with that of the organization. Factors such as right experience as well as personal characteristics play an influencing role in the selection of the candidate.

Our well formulated approach enables us to understand and identify the need of both company and candidates, which further leads us to decide on the best search strategy targetting specific skills, education, personality and experience.

Candidate Generation:
We perform rigorous research on companies and candidates to identify and match key competencies like Job title, Key result areas, Job Specifications, compensation package, Location and other necessary details.

Pre Screening (Phone or Web):

Our extensive research provides comprehensive and detailed list of qualified candidates who are subjected to screening either by phone or web conferencing.

Job Profile Briefing:
Choosing the best candidates is done on the basis of their prior work experience, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses so that the candidate is able to fit successfully into the work culture and ethics of the client organization. The potential candidates are contacted and interviewed in order to guage their interest and suitability.

Testing followed by Evaluation:
We shortlist qualified candidates after preliminary interview. Informal reference checks are also carried out in order to verify credentials of the short listed candidates. A confidential report of short listed candidates is thereby submitted in writing to our clients, who checks the criteria of the available position closely before taking the final call.

Client Interviews and Final Reference checks:
A meeting is scheduled between the short listed candidates and the client. We make certain that collection of proper feedback from clients as well as the candidates is .undertaken This leads to the final reference checks of the selected candidates.

End Task:
Confirmation of Placement: We help our clients by actively participating in negotiation processes including allocation of compensation and perks.

Follow up & Handholding: We stay in contact with the candidate till the dadte of joining the company. This ensures smooth integration into the organization takes place with accomplishment of targets and performance goals. To sum it up, we encourage the selection of those candidates who would add weightage to the organization with their expertise and mutual learning. CareerZgraph has evolved by earning recognition for the quality and sustainable human resource that we facilitate through our pan-industry presence and our trusted reputation.